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Here is a partial list of sample holders that can be used according to the size and nature of your sample.

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Rotating sample holder for reflection or transmission mode

This sample holder is equipped of a Phi rotation that reduces preferential orientation effects. Circular aluminum or single crystal sample mounts can be provided for reflection mode. In transmission mode, the powder is set on a support between two kapton films for example.

Sample holder with height adjustment for reflection mode

This sample holder is equipped with Phi rotation to reduce preferential orientation effects. The height is adjusted with a micrometric screw. Recessed circular aluminum or single crystal insert sample mounts can be provided for reflection mode.

sample holder for transmission mode

This sample holder is comprised of a goniometer head (2 rotations and X,Y, Z translations) set on a motorized axis. The continuous Phi rotation reduces preferential orientation effects. An alignment table with a microscope and sample holder attachment has been designed for precise adjustment of the capillary.

Sample holder with controlled atmosphere

This sample holder is for performing measurements under controlled atmosphere at room temperature. The spinning system is comprised of magnets and reduces preferential orientation effects. The cell can be completely isolated or can have a gas flow.

Automatic sample changer with 30 positions

This stage is used in order to automatically measure up to 30 samples. It can be operated under software control or manually according to user preference.  It has been developed to take advantage of the exceptionally fast analytical times associated with an Inel curved detector.

Gandolfi chamber - Rotating precession mount “RPM”( gandolfi) for single crystallites

This very useful accessory has been designed for use with conventional powder X-ray diffractometers allowing the phase identification of single crystals using an X-ray  powder diffractometer.

And also

Sample holder for fibers in transmission mode
Automatic sample changer for capillary, transmission mode
Thin film attachment

Low angle accessories

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