Welcome to INEL, the home of real-time X-Ray diffraction systems specifically designed for user friendly operation and reliable results. There are INEL Equinox diffractometer systems available for a great variety of budgets and applications; ranging from routine qualitative analysis to sophisticated research studies.
All INEL X-Ray diffractometers measure the entire 2θ diffraction angle pattern simultaneously by employing a unique curved X-Ray detector that replaces the older mechanical scanning goniometers used by other manufacturers. This makes INEL XRD systems perfect for kinetic or dynamic measurements in that all data are recorded in "real time", at very high resolution, with detector options capable of resolving 0.04 degrees-2θ FWHM.  The systems are designed to analyze sample area as small as 10 microns.

The EQUINOX series of diffractometers are available for powder samples as well as bulk samples, single crystallites, liquids and gels.

Apart from routine phase identification, challenging applications include Rietveld analysis, residual stress analysis, topography, epitaxial analysis, texture and multipole applications. Systems are also available for SWAXS applications with a full range of wide and small angle diffraction systems employing both curved and linear detectors. INEL also specializes in customized setups.  Please visit our applications page for more information.

Equinox 3000 inside viewInel, a specialist for over 40 years in the field of X-rays, can offer a wide range of diffraction systems designed specifically for University, industrial and government laboratories.

Our credo : to place our know-how at the service of our customers in order to offer them the best solutions for their needs.

Our difference : a spirit of service, adaptability and innovation, constantly evolving, to create the tools of tomorrow.

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