Our production program contains both single X-ray optics and complex X-ray optical systems to generate high intensity collimated or focused monochromatic X-ray beams and special customized depositions for applications in X-ray reflectometry and diffraction. A wide assortment of flat and curved X-ray optics are available that can be used with the common types of X-ray sources with respect to wavelength, construction and focus geometry.

Monochromator optics : intensity or resolution

In the case of a flat monochromator, wavelengths are tuned via angular separation. The accuracy of wavelength separation depends on the size of the source and the crystal mosaicity. In this case, there is no focusing point, and the beam shape is nearly parallel; because of these optical properties, it is easy to change wavelength.

The germanium (111) monochromator can completely suppress the k beta wavelength, and allows for separation of Kalpha1 & Kalpha2 wavelengths. It is recommended for experiments requiring high resolution.
The graphite (002) monochromator can completely suppress Kbeta wavelength, but does not perform the Kalpha1 / Kalpha2 separation.

Resolution and intensity in the same monochromator optic housing

This optics enables the combination of high resolution on one hand (germanium monochromator) and high intensity on the other hand (graphite monochromator). Thanks to its innovative mechanical design each crystal is factory aligned to its diffracting angle. By moving a lever arm either crystal can be positioned with respect to the primary X-Ray beam without the need for re-alignment. The change from the germanium crystal to the graphite and reverse is perfectly reproducible and vice versa. Thus, it is possible to make acquisitions with one monochromator and easily switch to the other one if desired.

Multi crystal optics (2, 3 or 4 reflections) such as a Channel Cut or Bartels monochromator, are also available.

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Multilayer X-Ray optics

Flat and curved multilayer X-ray optics can be used as monochromators, collimators or focussing optics in X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, X-ray fluorescence analysis and for synchrotron applications.
Tailored multilayer X-ray optics can be designed depending on the customers application.

X-Ray optical system

Combination of multilayer X-ray optics with other multilayer or crystal type X-ray optics to produce one- and two-dimensional  collimated, focussed, compressed or expanded monochromatic X-ray beams. Applications in X-ray diffraction, X-ray reflectometry, X-ray tomography and synchrotron applications.

High precision deposition

In order to produce nanometer thin films and multilayers showing sub-nanometer precision across large substrates up to 500 mm in length or 200 mm in diameter,  various complementary high precision deposition techniques such as magnetron and ion beam sputtering and pulsed laser deposition are developed and applied.
These high precision layers are applied as mirrors for total reflection, for high precision reference samples and as samples for teaching, testing and demonstration of the performance of X-ray instrumentation.

System upgrade

Upgrade all common types of X-ray diffractometers with collimating, focusing or flat graded multilayer X-ray optics to extend the lifetime and to improve the performance for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

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