Powder X-ray Diffractometer

• Real time acquisition
• Thermo-diffraction at low cost
• No moving parts

Equinox 2000. A conventionally designed rugged multi purpose instrument designed for QA applications as well as routine and high performance X-ray diffraction studies. This is the best value entry level diffractometer today. Its performance is truly excellent and measurements are very fast. A programmable 30 position sample holder is available to dramatically reduce operator times.

Measurements are very fast compared with other diffractometers in that the unique Equinox curved detector can measure all diffraction peaks simultaneously. Crystallographic results are collected in a few seconds therefore analyzing a phase transition or unstable compound becomes possible – all with a low cost system.

• Simple to use

• Very reliable

• Superb resolution
• No alignment

• Extremely accurate

• No routine maintenance



Acquisition in real time over 110° 2θ
Monochromatic optic
Generator 3500 Watts
Wavelength : Copper or Cobalt

Sample holder
Automatic sample changer
Specific camera
Heating camera

High and low temperature
Various atmosphere

The HTK1200N Oven-Chamber is designed for non ambient X-ray studies up to 1200°C.                                    
Numerous software applications (*): qualitative analysis, phase identification and quantification, crystallite size determination, crystal structure analysis, Rietveld analysis, phase transition, …

(*) Applications depend upon on choice of accesssories - ask us to help you configure a system as per your needs.
Some sample holders
PechThZ SampleChanger
Spinning sample holder
Reflection and transmission mode
Capillary sample holder Transmission measurement Small thin layer attachment Automatic sample changer
with 30 positions

Download EQUINOX 2000 documentation   

EQUINOX 100 : Stand Alone Benchtop X-Ray diffractometer
EQUINOX 1000 : Benchtop X-Ray diffractometer
EQUINOX 2000 : XRD and thermo-diffraction
EQUINOX 3000 : Powder X-Ray diffractometer
EQUINOX 4000 : X-Ray diffractometer for micro diffraction
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EQUINOX 6000 : X-Ray diffractometer for texture / stress




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