High resolution X-Ray

• Real time acquisition
• 2-circle goniometers
Thin film attachment
The Equinox 5000 is a multi purpose X-ray diffractometer designed specifically for high level research applications including powder analysis, thin layer analysis, reflectometry, micro diffraction, ....
The system utilizes a unique tall vertical goniometer in θ/θ or θ/2θ mode and the user has a large choice of features including higher resolution detectors and a large choice of X-ray sources. The free space in the sample compartment is very large and will accommodate practically any sample and any sample handling device including furnaces, auto samplers, large assemblies, ...

EQUINOX 5000 is designed to out perform conventional X-ray diffraction instruments for speed, resolution and safety. It could be used for conventional studies or can be completely customized or adapted for applications requiring 4 circle goniometer.

Perfect for advanced research applications

          • Very reliable, Extremely accurate

          • Superb resolution




/θ or θ/2θ goniometer
Acquisition in real time over 90 or 120° 2θ
Monochromatic optic
Generator 3500 Watts
Wavelength : Copper, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Etc.

Sample holder
Automatic sample changer

Specific camera


Heating camera

High and low temperature
Various atmosphere

Thin film attachment

Texture and stress

Numerous software applications (*) : qualitative analysis, phase identification and quantification, degree of crystallinity determination, crystal structure analysis, phase transition on various environment, thin film, uni-axiale stress…

(*) Applications depend upon on choice of accesssories - ask us to help you configure a system asper your needs.

Some accessories
Spinning sample holder
Reflection / transmission mode
Capillary sample holder Transmission mode Gandolfi camera
Transmission mode
Automatic sample changer
with 30 positions
Texture & Stress attachment Thin film attachment High & Low temperature chambers

Download EQUINOX 5000 documentation

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EQUINOX 3000 : Powder X-Ray diffractometer
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