Small and wide angle X-ray scattering

SAXS technology is used for the nanometric particles structure determination (size, form, distribution,…). Considering Copper radiation, we can generally say, for diffraction angle lower than 5° in 2θ. Samples can be solid or liquid. This is a non destructive method, accurate and just needs a minimum of sample preparation. You can use it both in research and in quality control. Its applications are various: colloids, metals, cement, clay, oil, polymer, plastics, proteins, pharmacy…

Combined SAXS-WAXS with 2 Imaging plate detection
systems and KB optic (2 crossed mirrors)

To answer customer's requirements to perform measurements on textured samples or measurements of small angle scattering, Inel has designed a versatile SAXS / WAXS instrument. The device is scalable : the distance between the sample and the detector is variable, and the space around the sample is enough important for the development of cell or specific holder dedicated to the measurement (temperature chamber, cell traction, rotation table, etc.). Not to mention a good definition of the X-ray source and an associated optic system.

SAXS instrument with a linear detector and a parabolic mirror with slits


Some specifications

X-ray source Optic system
Sample holder
Other specifications

X-ray generator with a classical X-ray tube

Higher brightness
X-ray source


Focusing 1D optic

Parallel 1D optic

Focusing 2D optic

Parallel 2D optic


Associated slits

1D linear detector

2D detector
CCD Camera
Imaging plate

Transmission mode

Sample changer

Reflection mode

Grazing attachment

Heating camera

Vacuum chamber

Adjustable distance between the sample
and the detector

Beam path under vacuum


Combination SAXS-WAXS on 2 different lines sharing the same source
• 2D SAXS system using Imaging plates
• WAXS using a CPS 180 curved real-time detector
Some examples

Textured polymer Streched PET Silver Behenate



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